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Joshua Lowe

Lighting Designer
JB Knibbs

Costume Designer
Debra Hallam

Rehearsal Director
Kelly Beneforti

Technical Manager
Chris Payne

Artistic Intern
Angela Barnard

Amanda Connor
Amber Lester
Angela Barnard
Bhavna Bista
Damien Xiong
Dannielle Picken
Dayna Tyler
Eloise Wright
Erica Campbell-Graham
Hannah McCullagh
Jaala Jensen-Meagher
Jarrad Berry
Jordan Roberts
Joshua Coleman
Madison Styles
Montana Palmer
Nathan Brockman
Rhyannah MacRae
Sammie Lester
Sopheng Phan
Taylah Farrell
Tiarna Bakowski
Zoe Cordwell

JULY 24TH TO 27TH, 2013.

REBELLION was DRILL's first work in Hobart after relocating permanently from Launceston. The work explored the plight of the common teenager, trapped under the iron thumb of the parental unit. REBELLION is a playful take on the not-so-silent battles waged between parent and offspring, getting your own way, going your own way, declaring independence and rebelling!

Following a creative development in 2012, the company presented a nine-performance season in July at the Youth Arts & Recreation Centre, Hobart. During the time the cast also made a flashmob entitled REBELLION ROULETTE and a short dance film as a trailer for REBELLION - you can see these at the bottom of the page. REBELLION was also accompanied by an extensive workshop and residency program for local secondary schools.


The 2012 development of REBELLION was the first stage of an exciting new dance initiative taking place in Hobart in 2012. With the support of Tasmanian Regional Arts and the Salamanca Arts Centre, DRILL worked with local high schools, colleges and young people with the aim of developing a contemporary youth dance program within the community.

In May 2012, DRILL Artistic Director Joshua Lowe taught 310 students in 30 workshops and classes for high schools and colleges in Hobart. Weekly contemporary technique classes were offered.

The aim of this initiative was to research and develop a youth dance model that would work and be sustainable within the Hobart community and that will continue to offer a large range of opportunities such as classes, professional development, employment, and new dance works for young people and audiences. During 2012 DRILL met with key individuals and dance educators within Hobart to learn about the community and its needs, advocate contemporary dance and begin to offer more opportunities in dance.

People aged 14 and up were invited to be a part of the creative development for new dance work, REBELLION. After selecting a cast of 25, choreographer Joshua Lowe worked with participants to unpack, discuss and explore themes and ideas.

The cast worked over the month long period in May/June 2012 to develop the work, which culminated in a sharing for invited guests. The project then progressed to a final rehearsal period and performance in July 2013.