DRILL’s 2019 Major Season: NEON

AUGUST 14TH - 17TH, 2019

Hobart’s youth dance company DRILL presents NEON, an immersive contemporary dance work by local young movers.

A collision of dance and science, NEON is a concoction of three new works inspired by the chemical elements, taking place during the International Year of the Periodic Table. Three choreographers, alongside the cast of seventeen, have examined how our understanding of science and the physical makeup of our reality is reflected in human experiences.


NEON is a completely free-roaming experience featuring musical scores created by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and an explosive design of light and colour. You are given the power to experiment with how you watch and listen to each of the three works, which are performed simultaneously on loop.

As a part of National Science Week, NEON also offers a range of fun, scientific experiments, games and competitions for you to try out prior to the performance.