There are a number of ways for you, your child or your school to get involved with DRILL. We run various programs for different age groups throughout the year, which often have a call out for participants at the beginning, such as our Senior and Junior Companies. We also offer some contemporary dance classes that can be joined each term.

For an overview of our programs and classes, and how to get involved, please read below!



Ages 14 to 30

The Senior Company is DRILL’s flagship program. At the beginning of each year DRILL holds an open call out for dancers interested in joining, and from that form a group of up to thirty dancers who work on a number of projects throughout the year. The Senior Company collaboratively create and perform our annual major season, other performances and seasons, and receive weekly contemporary dance training (divided into Intro and Advanced classes) as a part of the program.

Young people both with and without prior dance training are welcome. Senior Company focuses on building the creative potential, and choreographic and performance skills of its members in challenging new contexts. We provide an experience that is non-competitive, and give a taste of what it is like to be a part of a professional contemporary company.

The annual Senior Company fee is $250.

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Ages 9 to 14

DRILL Junior Company is a dance program for young people aged 9 to 14 that takes place over two months in Term 4 each year. We hold a call out in September for interested participants, and from that form a group of up to twenty dancers. Junior Company dancers work with a professional choreographer to create an original contemporary dance work that is performed in a theatre, as well as receiving contemporary dance training.

Young people both with and without prior dance training are welcome. Junior Company focuses on developing the creative thinking and potential of our dancers, encouraging them to actively contribute to all areas of making the show. It builds the foundations of contemporary technique and safe dance practice, all in an inclusive, accessible and non-competitive environment.

The Junior Company fee is $150.

Click here for information and you register by September 24th.



Ages 9 to 14

We offer weekly contemporary dance classes for young people aged 9 to 14 throughout Terms 1, 2 and 3. Currently, classes take place at Ogilvie High School on Wednesdays from 4pm to 5:30pm. Dancers work with teacher Angela Barnard to learn about safe dance practice, contemporary technique, floor work, duo work, improvisation and choreography. The class also works on a short dance piece that is shown in-studio at the end of each term.

Young people both with and without prior dance training are welcome.

Junior Classes can be booked in term blocks (10 classes) and costs $100 per term.

Click here for more information and to book a place for next term.



All Ages

For the first time DRILL is offering the opportunity for aspiring makers to create and present their own short dance works, as a part of our inaugural Choreographic Program.

Through a new partnership with Tasdance, Artistic Director Adam Wheeler, alongside DRILL Artistic Associate Angela Barnard, will mentor young dance makers as they create and present their own short dance works. Over four weeks participants will be given space, guidance, and provocation while undertaking a choreographic exploration that is of interest to them.

In partnership with Salamanca Arts Centre, participants will be invited to use the entire building and grounds during their choreographic exploration. DRILL has been creating site-specific dance work since 2012, and our young choreographers will be encouraged to consider the alternative spaces available, and create work that is shaped by and responds to this unique Tasmanian building.

Click here for more information and to apply by September 25th.



Dance Nexus

Dance Nexus is an annual combined schools project that DRILL has run since 2015. Each participating school works with a professional choreographer to create their own dance piece around a common theme. The project then culminates when all schools come together for a day to perform their pieces in a theatre for the public and other students.

In 2018 and 2019 Dance Nexus focus on STEAM learning, with students creating pieces about what they were learning in their science curriculum (2018), and working with a professional scientist to create a piece about their work and research (2019). Dance Nexus creates an active and fun environment where students can dance, but also includes valuable cross-curriculum learning that links to DoE learning priorities.

This year’s Dance Nexus performance is on Friday June 7th at Montrose Bay High School.

For more information and to get your school involved in 2020, contact us here.

Primary Workshops

DRILL offers contemporary dance workshops for primary students of all ages. Workshops run for one hour, during which a professional choreographer will lead your students through a fun and engaging workshop that teaches them movement, and encourages them to make up their own.

We run a free workshops series for primary schools throughout Term 3 in partnership with the MONA 24 Carrot Carnival. Individual workshops can also be booked throughout the year at a cost of $120 per workshop.

For more information and to book, contact us here.

Secondary Workshops

DRILL has worked extensively with high school and college dance classes, and offers a range of workshops based on the needs of your class and curriculum. We connect you with a professional choreographer who can teach contemporary technique, choreographic skills, improvisation, partner work and more. We are also available to assist with choreographing short contemporary pieces.

DRILL offers a secondary workshop series in Term 1 each year, linked to our annual Major Season. These workshops introduce students to the themes and choreographic material of the work, introduces a task the choreographer has used, prepares them for seeing the performance, and encourages them to get involved as a cast member of DRILL.

Individual workshops can also be booked throughout the year at a cost of $120 per workshop.

For more information and to book, contact us here.

School Matinee Performances

DRILL offers daytime performances throughout the year specifically for schools. These range from full-length works such as the Major Season performed by the Senior Company, to shorter performances by school-age dancers, such as Junior Company and Dance Nexus. All are an engaging way for your students to see, learn about, and evaluate dance. DRILL pushes the boundaries of performance models, often creating site-specific works that engage audiences in different ways.

Dance Nexus 2019
June 7th (12pm & 1:30pm)
Montrose Bay High School

Major Season: NEON
August 14th to 17th
Bayview Secondary College
*School matinees are sold out, but evening performances are still available

Junior Companies
November 29th (1pm)
Moonah Arts Centre

December 6th (1pm)
Rosny College

For more information and to book, contact us here.



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DRILL aims to give opportunities and experience to young people in a range of areas. If you are interested in getting involved with DRILL in any way, please let us know by sending us an email.